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Climate Action + Environmental Protection

  • Chair of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Committee 

  • Initiated the hiring of a full-time sustainability planner

  • Developed Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

  • Initiated Municipal heat pump rebates

  • Initiated the Declaration of the Right to a Healthy Environment for the City of Powell River

  • Advocated for the development of the Resource Recovery Centre and other Zero Waste initiatives

  • Advocated for early adoption of BC Energy Step Code and subsequent energy-efficiency measures in buildings

  • Brought forward motion to declare a climate emergency (2019)

  • Brought forward motions: 

    • to install EV charging infrastructure

    • adopt a green vehicle policy

    • adopt a green building policy

    • PV solar-ready provisions for new developments

    • accelerating Zero Carbon Buildings

    • home energy labelling of buildings

    • local improvement charge financing for home energy retrofits

  • Helped the City achieve carbon neutrality from 2018 - 2022 in corporate operations

  • Created sub-committee to explore Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CEC's) and Micro-plastics in Wastewater Treatment Outflows

  • Have advocated for changes to legislation both provincially and federally on multiple topics of concern specifically on accelerating climate action initiatives and ghg emission reduction targets

  • Helped to bring in over $5.4 million in climate action grants to the municipality, worked to substantially reduce corporate emissions and save on utility costs

  • Part of Communities Against Coal activism to prevent the expansion of thermal coal from the Powder River Basin US to be transshipped through BC via Texada Island to be shipped overseas and burned for energy

  • Co-founder of an environmental society working to raise awareness about the excessive amount of single-use plastic packaging ending up in the ocean and environment 

  • Years of advocacy to get single-use plastic bags banned and education on alternatives



  • Supported the Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Implementation Plan

  • Supported the regulation of short term rentals

  • Supported permitting secondary suites and carriage houses

  • Supported increased density and new comprehensive development zones

  • Advocated to BC Housing for supportive housing for people experiencing or at threat of experiencing homelessness

  • Spent 22 years working in the local construction industry designing, renovating and building housing of all types

  • In 2022 completed the construction of 34 units of seniors affordable rental housing as Project Manager that achieved BUILT GREEN® GOLD Certification

  • Designed 12 energy efficient single-family homes all meeting Step 4 of the Energy Step Code and all PV Solar-Ready & with EV Car Chargers

  • Certified Architectural Designer/Draftsperson (North Island College)

  • Certified BUILT GREEN® builder since 2006

  • Completed BCIT Zero Energy Building Certification Course 2020

  • Member Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA), BUILT GREEN® BC, Passive House Canada, and Canada Green Building Council


  • Signed the 2018 Community Accord between City of Powell River and ɬəʔamen Council

  • Supported the Joint Working Group recommendations and referred them to incoming Council’s strategic planning work

  • Supported and participated in the hɛhɛwšɩn Canoe Project, a gift to the ɬəʔamen peoples from the settler community of Powell River

  • Supported the name change for the Regional District from the settler name "Powell River Regional District" to "qathet Regional District" - a name gifted by ɬəʔamen elders meaning 'working together' in éy7á7juuthem language

  • Brought forward as Chair of the Regional Hospital District Board the request to the Province to change the name of the Regional Hospital District from the settler name "Powell River Regional Hospital District" to "qathet Regional Hospital District" 



  • In 2022 completed the construction of 34 units of seniors affordable rental housing for Powell River Sunset Homes Society on Joyce Ave as Project Manager

  • Have been involved with Powell River Sunset Homes Society Board for about 20 years, both as a volunteer board member (off and on) and as a hired contractor to complete actions on seniors housing, now currently President of the Board

  • Supported and participated in Seniors Together events

  • Supported accessibility improvements to civic buildings



  • Created a Youth Council for ages 13 - 20 to learn about civic governance and make recommendations to Council

  • Youth Council members created several resolutions which subsequently passed at AVICC and UBCM Conventions

  • Supported youth advocacy to School District Board Trustees about education issues

  • Worked with youth to advocate to City Council about support for issues relevant to them

  • Supported youth on climate action initiatives 

Transit and Active Transportation

  • Helped develop the Powell River Transit System Vision and Goals 

  • Initiated the creation of the on-demand Zunga Bus transit pilot (British Columbia's first on-demand transit service) 

  • Initiated working with Copenhagenize Design Co on developing the Bicycle Network Strategy 

  • Supported creation of the Parks and Trails Master Plan including Active Transportation recommendations

  • Advocated for active transportation improvements​

  • Instigated changing bylaws to allow low-speed electric vehicles on municipal streets


Local Jobs + Economy


  • Initiated the “Business Façade Improvement Program” in partnership with Community Futures which created local work in exterior building retrofits to beautify Marine Avenue and then expanded to other areas of the commercial areas

  • Worked with international firms through City's Economic Development Department to help them immigrate to Powell River through the Provincial Nominee Program to establish their businesses 

  • Establish relationships in the film industry in BC trying to attract more film & TV production to the area

  • During COVID, worked with some local restaurants on how the City could make things easier for them to stay open and we created Temporary Use Permits for patio dining and tried to reduce some barriers for restaurants to remain viable through the pandemic

  • Supported development of the Airport Master Plan for expansion of opportunities in aviation sector

  • Supported the "Live and Invest Resident Attraction Program"

  • Supported the sale of mill office building to Meridian 125W Cultivation

  • During the last Council term, business licenses increased from 823 in 2018 to 1027 in 2021

  • Building permits increased from 153 in 2018 and $26.6 million value to 189 in 2021 and $33.3 million value

  • Development applications doubled from 2017 to 2021 and permit fees collected went from $28,000 in 2017 to $68,000 in 2021

  • Supported preparation of a new Downtown Plan

  • Supported development of a social procurement policy

  • Supported implementation of Farm Sector Plan (ongoing)

  • Supported Business Retention and Expansion Program (ongoing)

  • Supported Destination Marketing with Sunshine Coast Tourism (ongoing)

  • As part of business recovery efforts, supported the City organizing and sponsoring the Thursday Night Market on the City’s waterfront at the
    former arena site for the months of July and August to support artisans and small entrepreneurs in selling their products. Over 50
    different entrepreneurs participated over the course of the market generating approximately $70,000 in sales in 2021. Continued in 2022.

  • Supported the BC Bike Race for all the years the race came to our community on its circuit promoting the region for mountain bike tourism

  • Supported marketing of the Sunshine Coast Trail

  • Continued support of the Powell River Community Forest for all the wonderful capital projects we fund for community groups that continues to help promote our town and many different outdoor recreation activities and other worthy organizations

Arts + Culture


  • Helped initiate the creation of the local Art Centre and supported the development with funding

  • Supported sustainable funding for the Powell River Arts Council to be able to provide grants to local artists

  • Supported multi-year contribution agreement for the Pacific Region International Summer Music Association (PRISMA)

  • Supported multi-year contribution agreement for the Powell River Academy of Music including Kathaumixw International Choral Festival

  • Supported the Townsite Jazz Festival

  • Supported the Townsite Heritage Society and sat as ex-officio board member

  • Supported the qathet Film Festival & Society

  • Created a Public Art Policy Sub-Committee to consider creation of a policy

  • Founding member of Far Off Broadway Theatre Company producing many theatrical productions & musicals

  • Taught dance for many years including creating a women's adult dance troupe "The Kit Kat Cabaret/Can-Can Girlz" performing cabaret-style routines for different local events and fundraisers for fun

  • Have been a special events organizer for many years

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