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       Why I’m Running for Mayor

  • I have held two full successful terms on Council. That’s 8 years’ experience in the role of an elected official in local government. Stepping up to run for Mayor is a natural progression and I am ready for the challenge and want to give back to my community. I believe I am the right person for the job.

  • I am here to learn and continue to grow and do better to be the best leader I can be for this town. Being born and raised here, I know this town and its people and I've seen it through many different phases and iterations. This place holds deep meaning to me. I want to do my best to lead this community in a good direction.

  • I want to be a good role model for younger women to give them the encouragement that they can run for office sooner rather than later. We need to shift how we run our governments so they are more inclusive, accessible, and attract a more diverse representation of our residents so we can make better decisions that encompass the values of our whole community so everyone can thrive. 

  • Prioritizing our relationships with our Indigenous partners is not only an amazing opportunity to thrive together as a community, it is the only way to move forward. It is about time we did things in a good way.

  • We have no time left to procrastinate on climate action. We must take drastic action now. I make this a priority of my elected role and in my personal life. The connections I have with provincial ministers and other climate champions throughout BC and Canada are crucial networks to get us where we need to go faster. I don't want to lose this momentum.

  • Local governments are at the frontlines in our community. We can effect change right here and see the positive impacts of those changes up close. 

  • It’s time to move beyond the status quo and "business-as-usual" mentality to be bolder, more innovative and creative in our approach. We need more women in leadership roles and I am ready to work hard as Mayor for the City of Powell River.

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